Scope of Our Working

Filtration: Central Type Humidification Plant, Semi Central Humidification Plant Filter Unit: “Lawa” Techonology carding filter, blow Room Filter, “Multi Drum System” , “Honey Comb System” , “Cross Roll Filter” , “Cross Clean” filter Units and Local Units.

Weaving A/C: Central Type Humidification Plants for Weaving Department, Semi – Semi Central Humidification Plants.

Packing Room: Packing room Plant with M.S Head & G.I. Sheet Duct Line, S.S. and PVC, S.S. and fiber glass.

Formation: S.S Head with P.V.C Duct Line, S.S Head with S.S Duct Line.

Energy Saving Fans: We also manufacturing of FRP Energy Saving Fans (Fiber Glass Material) of all sizes for A/C plant for electricity saving.

Fabrication: Supply Air Duct Line such as Fiber Glass, PVC, Blow Room Ducting, and Carding filter Pipe Line, Open End Rotor Pipe Line Open End Combing Roll Pipe Line ect.

Designing: Designing of All Department of Textile Industry Such as Spinning, Weaving, Auto Coro and Open End Units.

Typ. Design of Spinning Mills

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